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Huttoft Primary School

Cornerstones Framework

Cornerstones Framework

Here at Huttoft Primary School pupils learn through Cornerstones. This is an exciting and engaging curriculum centred on the acquisition of skills and knowledge. We ensure children receive a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum which reflect our purpose and values.

More information about the Cornerstones Curriculum can be found here


How do children learn?

Children are taught a range of Imaginative Learning Projects and Knowledge Rich Projects through each Key Stage. Projects cover many curriculum subjects but are driven by a theme from the National Curriculum e.g. Art and Design, History, Geography. These are enhanced with related Science investigatory projects. The projects we have chosen for our pupils provide them with a variety of experiences, desired curriculum coverage and are reflective of the needs of our school and community. Each project begins with a memorable experience to inspire our children and give them a foundation for their learning.

Examples of our exciting project work can be seen on each class’ website page! 

Please see the links below for our whole school overview and our Curriculum information sheets for each year group. These are published every Term or as each new project begins.  

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