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A Typical Day in Nursery

Our Approach to Learning and Development 

At Huttoft nursery we learn through play! That is how young children learn best! Therefore, both our indoor and outdoor areas as well as our timetable are organised so that the children have prolonged periods in the day when they are free to explore, follow their own interests, develop and plan their ideas. During this time we observe and play alongside the children, looking for and seizing those teachable moments when we can take their learning on to the next step.  Language development, mathematical learning, mark making, turn taking and sharing takes place in every area of our nursery!  

So when you visit our nursery expect to see adults playing! Whether it is building a train track or a tower, sitting inside a cardboard box on the way to the moon,  having their hair brushed, pretending to have tea, sharing a story or up to their elbows in gloop or mud in the outdoor kitchen! In other words, interacting with the children as they play at their self-chosen activity because research tells us that is how children learn best! 

Whilst unnecessary interruptions and transitions are stressful for the children we also believe that  the older, pre-school children in particular do need some more structured time in which they are introduced to new concepts and skills through planned small group sessions.  During these times, the children are introduced to new concepts and skills. Our focus is often Maths and Literacy and these often provide the stimulus for further exploration during free choice play.

We do not have separate toddler and pre-school rooms as many other nurseries do; so there are no transitions from one room to anther during a child's time with us. We know that a child's interests and needs do not suddenly change on their 3rd birthday! We have found that  this family environment works well for us as the children learn from each other.

Our Daily Rhythm!

We do not have a strict timetable in our nursery but we do have a rhythm! We know that when transitions and interruptions to young children’s play are kept to a minimum that learning is best!

At or around

We …

8 25 to 8 35 am

Staggered arrival. Children arrive at the main school gate with their parent/carer – due to  restrictions in place to keep us safe against coronavirus , parents remain at the gate and the Nursery Staff and children walk down to the nursery together J

8 35 am

Youngest children settle in with their Key Person

Pre-school children make their way to the conservatory for Welcome Time J

(Our focus at Welcome Time is different each morning but the children always self-register, we sing a song and count how many of us there are today and record this on our chart!)

8 45  til 10 15 am

Child initiated choice play indoors  all adults playing alongside the children, supporting their play and learning

Snack available from 9 45 am  choice of fruit cracker, breadstick, toast etc with milk or water; snack time is an important social time J

10 15 to 11 45 am

Child initiated choice play outdoors- All adults playing alongside the children, supporting their play and learning

 11 45 am

Rhyme, singing and music time

Pre-Schoolers (Letters and Sounds Phase 1 Phonics Activities)

12.00 pm

Lunch in the conservatory – whole group together

12.45 til 2 15 pm

Child initiated choice play indoors or out

All adults playing alongside the children, supporting their play and learning

*1 30pm

Children attending a shorter session leave for home

2 15 pm

Story Time

Bye Bye song and coats on for home