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Huttoft Primary School is a stand alone Academy. This means that it is a company, owned and run by the School's Governing Body, a group of people who are particularly committed to the future developments of the school. The School's Articles of Association require a maximum of four members and in addition the Governing Body may co-opt up to three additional trustees (governors). Trustees will be selected according to need(s) identified by the biennial skills audit carried out by the Governing Body. Several of our governors have served the school for many years providing us with a wealth of experience.

Through their strategic plan, the Governing Body works tirelessly with the Headteacher to maintain and enhance:

  • the school’s facilities and equipment
  • the staff/pupil ratios
  • the school’s academic results
  • the enriching curriculum

The other significant work of the Governing Body is that of financial responsibility. Part of being an Academy is that the school must manage and be accountable for its own financial affairs.

Our Governing Body



Special Interests

Term of Office

Mr Paul Brewster   Member appointed from 09/06/22

Mr Adrian Culley

Health and Safety

Member appointed from 19/01/21
Mr Ryan Larthwell   Member appointed from 09/06/22



Special Interests:

Term of Office
Mr Paul Brewster Chair of Governors 09/06/22 - 08/06/26

Miss Jodie Mullen


  01/10/12 - 30/09/24

Mrs Wendy Smalley


  01/10/12 - 30/09/24
Mr Ryan Larthwell   09/06/22 - 08/06/26
Mr Damian Davey Headteacher 01/01/20 (Ex Officio) 

Mr Adrian Culley


  01/12/20 - 30/11/24

Membership of Committees

Resource & Finance Committee

   Mr Paul Brewster
Mr Damian Davey
Mr Adrian Culley

Curriculum & Standards

Mr Damian Davey
Mrs Wendy Smalley

Policy & Well Being

Mr Damian Davey
Miss Jodie Mullen

Appeals (additional members elected as necessary)


Member Governors who left the Academy's Governing Body in 2019/20

Name Date appointed Date left Business interest Term of office Appointed by
Mr M White September 2012 December 2019   Continuous Governing body


Trustee Governors who left the Academy's Governing Body - With Dates

Name Date appointed Date left Business interest
Mrs K Levitt   September 2020  
Mrs D Osborne September 2012 December 2019  
Mrs A Hurrell September 2012 December 2019 Governor at another school.
Ms Fiona Anderson Child Protection/Safeguarding/Looked After Children/Anti-Bullying 27/05/22  

Mrs Amanda Graves


Mr Doug Porter-Robinson   23/05/22  


Anyone interested in finding out about how to become a Governor or wanting to discuss a school issue with a Governor, should contact the Clerk to the Governors in the first instance on 01507 490284 or e-mail

Record of Attendance

Attendance at the following meetings can be viewed by clicking on the relevant date.

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September 2020 Full Meeting AGM

D. Porter-Robinson, K. Levitt, D. Davey, S. Fieldman, J. Porter-Robinson, W. Smalley,  J. Mullen, A.Graves,       F. Anderson, S. Knott

August 2020 EGM 

D. Porter-Robinson, K. Levitt, D. Davey, S. Fieldman, J. Porter-Robinson, W. Smalley,  F. Anderson, 

July 2020 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson,  D. Davey, S. Fieldman, W. Smalley,  J. Mullen, A.Graves, F. Anderson, S. Knott

May 2020 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson, K. Levitt, D. Davey, S. Fieldman, W. Smalley,  J. Mullen, A.Graves, F. Anderson, 

April 2020 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson, K. Levitt, D. Davey, S. Fieldman, J. Porter-Robinson, W. Smalley,  J. Mullen, A.Graves,       F. Anderson, 

February 2020 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson, K. Levitt, D. Davey, S. Fieldman, J. Porter-Robinson, W. Smalley,  J. Mullen, A.Graves,       F. Anderson, A. Squires

September 2019 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson, F. Anderson, J. Mullen, S. Fieldman, J. Porter-Robinson, A. Hurrell, W. Smalley, D. Osborne, K. Levitt

November 2019 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson, K. Levitt, W. Smalley, F. Anderson, S. Fieldman, A. Hurrell, D. Osborne, J. Mullen

Autumn Term 2019 Report

Welcome to my Report which as always, is designed to inform you our parents/carers, about the work the Governing Body has been involved in during the past term - it shows the visibility of the work governors carry out and provides reassurance to you that the school is in good hands.

As you well know, I am a frequent visitor in school and relish every opportunity to do this. Two of my favourite visits this term have to be joining Y4 in one of their interactive Times Tables lessons – I was so impressed with their knowledge, skills and application using the recently purchased class iPads; the other was playing in the Y6 v Parents/Carers annual Netball match – the ethos of our school shone throughout and the developing games techniques the children demonstrated, confirmed the benefit of the school’s commitment to Sport/PE. Among the many activities other governors have attended this term are: the Geography field trips, a PE session funded by Sport Premium, several Sports competitions, a variety of Assemblies, an SEN support meeting, a sequence of Phonics lessons, sampling a school lunch and participating in some reading groups. During any visit to school, we seek examples and evidence of the effectiveness of our decision making and ask questions of the staff, the children and you. We then share that information with the full Governing Body enabling us to hold informed discussions in the light of our policies, procedures and development plans and take action as necessary.

The most significant task our Governing Body was involved in this term has to be that of the recruitment of a new head teacher. This is not something governing bodies do regularly and for our school, hasn’t been done since 1988 – making the task a great honour for us to be continuing the work Mrs Hurrell began over thirty years ago with just thirty one children in the entire school.

To ensure the process was carried out thoroughly and robustly it was decided that a specialist head teacher recruitment agency be engaged. The next action was to appoint a panel of five governors to work with the agency and begin a series of comprehensive training units for the process. In the interim, all the staff were invited to give their views on the qualities they would like to see in their future head teacher and the Query Crew/Y6 prepared their own set of questions for the interviews. Throughout the process the recruitment panel upheld the Governing Body’s values of working in the best interests of the school and putting everyone in it at the heart of the school’s next chapter.

Last year I prioritised the development of termly governor training for each individual governor as well as for the Governing Body as a whole. Membership of the National Governance Association (NGA) has facilitated the transfer from our two-yearly, internal skills audit to an annual, national skills audit as well as access to a wealth of on-line training modules. I have recently completed the analysis of our NGA audit and was pleased to be able to report back to the Governing Body that it indicates a ‘fairly strong’ team overall with the category ‘positive contribution’ being particularly impressive. ‘Positive contribution’ includes acting with honesty, transparency and 100% integrity. The impact of our commitment to training has clearly been a very positive one. Those areas in the audit identified as needing further development can all be secured with mentoring and training opportunities during this school year. The termly ‘Week 12’ joint staff and governor training module this term focused on the school’s 2019 SAT data and progress with the actions taken towards seeking even higher levels of achievement and attainment for all children. Ensuring solid foundations for maths teaching and learning remains a key focus for the governors and this term we turned our attention towards the acquisition of ‘times tables’ knowledge and skills by including it as a standard agenda item and so guaranteeing it is well resourced and standards are rising. We are confident that those foundations are in place and that results in Maths will now begin to rise as our work of recent years makes an impact throughout the school.

The Autumn term was, as always, a very busy one and we all sincerely appreciate how hard the staff work to facilitate the activities. Of particular note are the Query Crew and Y6 raising almost £400 for their chosen charities, the Indoor Athletics team winning the area competition to go forward to the County Finals event in Grantham in June (for the second year running), the Land’s End to John O’Groats ‘walk’ - another fantastic example of the school’s ethos, your generosity in gifts to the school and the enthusiasm of the FHS who rounded off their best ever year for fund raising generating over £4,000 this term with their creativity and dedication. That money, along with the £4500 raised last term, has purchased iPads, reading materials, lap tops, internal refurbishments and classroom resources.

Through a combination of Committee and full Governing Body work we continued to address five on-going tasks during the Autumn term: completing the actions proposed by the ERG (External Review of Governance) for streamlining the effectiveness of our governing body; appointing a fully trained and professional Clerk to the governing body; furthering our initial work surrounding teacher work load – we need to be confident that our teachers have an appropriate work-life balance and provide them with the resources they need to support it; continuing the Curriculum Review – in particular the development of our PSHE scheme of work to incorporate the new legislation about Relationships and Sex Education which comes into force in September 2020 and for which we have recently received training; considering the actions proposed by the ESFA’s School Resource Management report. With the first two tasks successfully completed we start next term with the other three high on our priority list.

The very last task of the Autumn term was the publication of the school’s Final Accounts for 18/19. As a stand-alone academy preparation of this document is a significant task requiring considerable involvement from the key members of the Finance Committee and the Finance Officer. I find my role as Chair of the Finance Committee increasingly interesting and over the past six months have taken several training courses to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the ESFA financial reporting requirements.

In presenting the Final Accounts and supporting Report, our accountants commented favourably on three areas – the progress and effectiveness of the financial work carried out in 18/19, the increased regularity of budget scrutiny to allow for spending on the appropriate teaching and learning support – which for us is mostly directed towards staffing – and the achievement of a small financial surplus – this despite some unplanned budget expenditures during the year. The Final Accounts 18/19 were accepted by the Governing Body at their November meeting during which governors expressed their appreciation of those favourable comments and joined me in thanking the Finance Team for their very hard work towards demonstrating greater accountability in our finances.

Finally I would like to sincerely thank my governor colleagues for their time and commitment to the school. This year, 2019, has been a particularly difficult one and to provide the school with governor support is a substantial, voluntary commitment which has been generously and loyally given. I am proud to be Chair of Governors of Huttoft Primary School both as a former parent and also as a member of the local community. The rewards of being a governor are many and we are always eager to hear from people who might be interested in becoming a governor, so if the role interests you please do get in touch with the school.

Mr D. Porter-Robinson
Chair of the Governing Body

Summer Term 2019 Report

One of the significant achievements for our Governing Body this term was the publishing of our school’s Ethos in the form of a permanent picture in the Hall. An ethos is an atmosphere; something that is felt, but so difficult to describe succinctly. During the Autumn term we sought views on what people considered our ethos might be and set about establishing exactly what we all believe it to be. The culmination of that work is for everyone to view, framed in red with the key word ‘k i n d’ in the centre. It encompasses so much of the Aims and Values we promote at Huttoft. I happened to be in Assembly shortly after the picture was put up and witnessed the strength of the children’s views on their Ethos – they spoke so confidently and with such belief that every aspect of it surrounds them. As governors we take pride in knowing that the high level of care and support in our school contributes greatly to the children’s well-being and personal development and know that you parents and carers support this view too. When, following the visits on School Journey in June, we received two separate emails expressing compliments about our children’s high levels of interest and consideration for others, we had confirmation that our children take the Huttoft ethos beyond the classroom.

As we begin the task of reviewing the work governors have been involved in to support raising standards this year, it is notable that the Y6 Test results for SPAG are the highest ever; there has been a further rise in the proportion of children achieving ‘Greater Depth’ standard; the Phonics Screening Check results continue on an upward trend and Maths results show more consistency. These were all areas identified for improvement in the November 2017 Ofsted inspection. We have maintained our focus on maths, discussing it through each Agenda, checking and reviewing data, talking to staff and supporting new initiatives and developments. At the conclusion of the LAMP (maths) project this term, our school’s contribution and level of participation were both praised by the organisers. Our staff report that the training they have received through the project is sustainable and already timetabling to utilise it in 19/20 is underway. We will continue to monitor maths throughout next year as we seek even higher levels of achievement and attainment.

One of my priorities this year has been to encourage all our governors to participate in at least one focused training event each term – on line or face to face. This is so we can best address areas that our two-yearly skills audit highlights as less strong within our Body, but are essential for us to carry out the demands of being a governing body of a stand-alone Academy. Among the training events taken up this year have been Safeguarding, SEN, Working in partnership, The role of a governor and Visits into school. Over the last few months we have also had the benefit of on-going work and support from our dedicated Local Leader of Excellence (LLE) and our governor partner through the National Leaders of Governance (NLG) scheme and, most recently, a School Resources Management Advisor (SRMA). For our Governing Body, we still seek further training and expertise in the categories of financial management and data analysis and currently have two vacancies on it which would ideally be filled with people already skilled in one or both of these areas and eager to further those skills. If you are such a person and are interested in applying to join the governing body, please contact the school office.

When we have made a decision, particularly any involving specific funding, we seek to obtain evidence of the effectiveness of it. We do this in a number of ways including attending many of the school’s events, carrying out checks on the school’s arrangements for Safeguarding, attending staff meetings and sharing in the Week 12 joint staff/governor module which this term was about the 2019 Ofsted Inspection framework. Visiting the school ‘at work’ is a pleasure for us and the children are invariably very enthusiastic to share their work and talk about their activities. Our staff work very hard to facilitate the range of activities that are on offer and Y6 preparing their games for the Summer Fayre was no exception to that when one of the governors visited recently. The children had considered which age group they were targeting their game for, what prize scheme they needed to ensure a profit and had even made themselves a rota for manning their game so they could all visit the other stalls too – clear evidence of life-skills preparation!

Throughout the year we have been working with the teaching staff to formalise information about the Intent for each subject in our curriculum, the methods of delivery of each one, the Impact each subject has on our children and how staff’s subject knowledge is developed to ensure quality teaching of them. Our curriculum has always been positively recognised by Ofsted as being ‘broad and balanced’ which we believe comes about from our decisions to retain individual subject teaching and learning, make good use of our local area, commit to a programme of visits and visitors, enhance our grounds into a rich learning environment, invest in music, arts and sports, design our own PSHE scheme of work and facilitate access for our staff to participate in a range of training including access to local Cluster opportunities with other schools.

As you will be aware, Mrs Hurrell intends to retire at the end of this year and I have agreed that she will reduce her hours from the end of this term to two days a week. We are actively engaged in the head teacher recruitment process and are fully supported by the school and staff as we go through this complex and important process.

At the end of each Summer term we have to approve the Budget Expenditure Plan for the next year and prepare our Three Year Budget Forecast. These are then submitted to the ESFA – the funding provider for Academies. Both Budgets prioritise staffing as the key expenditure needed to meet our Aims and Vision next year and into the future.

Thank you governors for the dedicated time and commitment you give to the school – it is the drive for the school’s continued success.

Mr D. Porter-Robinson
Chair of the Governing Body

Spring Term 2019 Report

I had the pleasure of joining everyone for the annual Big Breakfast and Tractor Day this year. The ethos of our school shone through in so many ways – I was particularly proud of the manners displayed by our children right across the school, the patience and support Y6 showed to the younger children as they served them, the Y4’s knowledge of what a healthy diet means, the smiles of enjoyment displayed by children and staff alike and the eagerness of the FHS who had volunteered to help Mrs Stow with the catering. The cooking activated our fire alarm system and I witnessed the initial stages of the fire drill in action in Y3. They clearly know the procedure responding quickly and sensibly only to receive a message that it was a false alarm and normal service should be resumed!

Several governors have attended inter-school events – including seeing one of our hockey teams win through to the County Finals event, which means that for 2018/19 we have two teams represented at this prestigious event next term at Grantham. The Lincolnshire Junior String Day again included a number of our instrumental players – five for the main orchestra and a mix of Y3/4’s in the WCIT orchestra. ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ proved to be our most popular item on the programme.

Highlights of the curriculum opportunities available to our children in the Spring terms are DT Week, Parents/Carers v Y6 Netball Match, Y4 Class Assembly, YR trip to Farmer Brown’s and the Y3 Dance Festival – little wonder we take so much pride in offering our children an enrichingly broad and balanced curriculum. Parental support at our events is always very high, reflecting the strength of the family atmosphere we are renowned for.

This term our Y6 children were involved in a national pilot for SATs. Shaping the future for later cohorts is a very worthwhile experience and they should all take pride in the contribution they have made. We know that alongside their curriculum learning they have been familiarising with the format of the current SAT system and as governors we have viewed the class’s tracking data and noted how it has improved over time – we wish them well in their SAT’s in May.

Training and development of the Governing Body is an on-going process and this term we received further external support and expertise from a neighbouring Multi Academy Trust. Three governors attended the termly Governor Training and Briefing twilight session in March, presented by Lincolnshire County Council. I myself attended one of the school’s ‘2:15 Clubs’. Presented by individual class teachers they are to develop parent/carers understanding of the teaching methods used in school and what help and support can be provided at home to consolidate and develop this.

Out and about our school receives so many positive messages about the children’s behaviour and manners – these come in from all corners of our community and beyond. I referred to our Ethos at the beginning of this Report and am returning to it now because recently the Governors had a poster created to encompass our beliefs and many of these messages to make up our Ethos. Enlarged for the wall, it is now displayed in the corridor to the Hall where everyone can see it and reflect upon it.

Once again I would like to thank my governor colleagues for their interest, enthusiasm and commitment to the school. Our work in monitoring and evaluating its performance progresses in line with the School Development Plan and post-Ofsted Action Plan.

Mr. D. Porter-Robinson
Chair of the Governing Body


Governing Body Business Interests