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We follow the White Rose Maths schemes of learning throughout school in line with National Curriculum expectations. This is supplemented and enriched by learning from Classroom Secrets, NRICH and NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics). We believe in embedding and mastering learning before moving forward to a new area of learning. Our children are therefore provided with plentiful opportunities to reason and apply their Mathematical skills in many different contexts. 

Beginning in the EYFS, children are taught early Mathematical skills through practical, visual methods and first hand experiences. Our children are encouraged to use physical resources and manipulatives to support and extend their understanding of Mathematical contexts and to use varying visual representations, including bar modelling.  

Children’s learning in Mathematics is regularly assessed throughout the year in a variety of ways. End of block assessments are completed after a unit of learning has been delivered, alongside the introduction of PiXL assessments for Literacy and Mathematics. Our teachers have a thorough knowledge of children’s capabilities in Mathematics and offer guidance and challenge to meet their needs. Therapies and intervention groups are planned accordingly to address these.