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Purpose & Values

We believe that in 'Building Foundations, Enabling Discovery, Broadening Horizons' we give our children an excellent start to their life in education; enable them to search and grow, looking for the right pathway and show them that there are limitless possibilities. Our purpose in the local community is to provide an excellent education for every child and we believe that this encapsulates all that we do here at Huttoft. Our purpose is to set the foundations for future learning whilst giving children the understanding that there is a wide world where eventually pupils will find themselves, one in which anything is possible if you work for it. We provide a wealth of opportunities, knowledge and skills that enable our children to grow as well-rounded individuals who know their importance in the wider world and have personal goals for the future.  

  • Building Foundations - Not only a start to their learning journey in our Nursery but a foundation for their educational life through our school, preparing them for their next stage in their pathway.
  • Enabling Discovery - Continues on from Building Foundations, ensuring that our pupils discover through our school curriculum and wider school life; allowing children to discover the world and all its possibilities, be that though learning in class, competitive sport  or a school trip to a West End theatre and Natural History Museum; children will learn that life begins when you have the ability to learn, have ambition and work hard.
  • Broadening Horizons - Compliments our earlier ambitions for children, showing that through curriculum, learning and discovery they will have their eyes opened to limitless possibilities and strive for both educational, career or life goals. A child may already know that they want to be a Doctor when they leave education, or they may just be looking to pass the 11+ or be a School Ambassador. Whatever they wish for, we will ensure they know there are limitless possibilities, and we will give them a pathway to achieving it. 

Our Values that drive this are:

  • Friendship               - an understanding of care, compassion, laughter, happiness, kindness.
  • Respect                    - an understanding of equality, democracy, justice, responsibility, freedom.
  • Resilience                - an understanding of determination, perseverance, optimism, self-belief, independence. 
  • Ambition                 - an understanding of being driven, confidence, positive.
  • Individuality          - an understanding of acceptance, being who you are, being brave enough to stand out                                           and make a difference, knowing that being different is ok.