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Welcome to our class!

In Reception we have lots of fun learning through play! We love to spend time outside talking about the world around us and learning about how things change. There are many interactive and practical activities for us in Reception as we learn through exciting first hand experiences. We love to show our creativity through role play, art and music. Our adults are always providing new ways that we can develop our interests whatever these may be! 

Each day we have Phonics and Maths lessons on the carpet with our teacher. We are busy learning and using brand new sounds to help us with our early reading skills. The phonics monsters help us too! There are many opportunities for us to develop our communication and language in Reception such as circle times, role play and acting out stories. 

The Reception Team

Our teacher is Mrs Peet. Mrs Culley is our full time teaching assistant and Mrs Denman is also a Teaching Assistant in Reception at different points throughout the week.

All the grown ups are always there to ensure we are safe and happy at school and have many new activities planned for us! 

Areas of Learning 

Our learning is broken up into the following areas:

Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Specific Areas



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design 

Our Exciting Projects!  

Like the other classes in our school we also follow the Cornerstones Curriculum supported by continuous provision and enhancements to play opportunities. This year we have a super selection of interesting projects to development our learning in all areas! 

Autumn (1) Let's Explore

Autumn (2) Marvellous Machines

Spring (1) Long Ago

Spring (2) Ready Steady Grow

Summer (1) Animal Safari

Summer (2) On the Beach

Keep checking our Gallery, Tapestry and Social Media accounts for photographs of our exciting activities! 



Recording our Learning

Each child in Reception has an online Learning Journey through Tapestry. This is where their learning is recorded and we love sharing photographs and comments with our parents!

At the end of their year in Reception children are assessed within the areas of learning listed above and judgements are made based on our staff's knowledge of your child and the evidence in their Learning Journey. We therefore encourage parents to contribute to their child's Tapestry too to show us what their child has been doing and saying at home. If you would like some ideas of what to add or have any problems we are happy to help! 



Photo Gallery

Look back through our gallery to view some of the exciting activities that we do in our class.

Click below to see the exciting learning we have planned for this half term: