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Year 2

Welcome to our class! 

The Year 2 Team 

Hello from the Y2 class teacher, Miss Sharratt, and teaching assistant, Mrs Saywell. We are always here to ensure Y2 pupils are safe and happy at school. A smooth transition from Year 1 to Year 2 has been made so that all children feel supported in their learning.  Let us tell you about Y2!


Daily Maths lessons are based on the White Rose Maths Scheme. Children will develop their knowledge and understanding of place value, addition and subtraction, money, multiplication and division (2, 3, 5, 10 times tables), statistics, properties of shape, fractions, length and height, position and direction, time, mass, capacity and temperature. Pupils will learn efficient methods for calculating and solving problems. Reasoning and Problem-solving form a big part of each Maths lesson in Y2. 


Children read a variety of texts, use dictionaries and have regular access to our class library. Throughout the week small group and whole class Guided Reading activities are carried out using VIPERS. Children learn how to join letters to develop a cursive style of handwriting.  We study specific spelling patterns and rules as well as Common Exception Words.  Phonics plays a key part in Year 2 English with revision of Phases 2 to 5; we begin Phase 6 following the Letters and Sounds programme alongside Monster Phonics, a visual and engaging resource, to help us learn our sounds. In writing, we focus on using capital letters correctly, full stops, commands, past tense, expanded noun phrases, suffixes –ing and –ed, conjunctions (and, but, or, because, that, when, if, so).  Our writing skills are developed through our amazing curriculum projects. 


We explore some exciting themes from the Cornerstones Scheme to cover National Curriculum expectations and objectives for foundation subjects in addition to English and Science.  Core concepts and key vocabulary are taught and referred to regularly throughout each  project. Our projects for this academic year are:

Autumn Term 1: Land Ahoy!

Autumn Term 2: Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Spring Term 1: Movers and Shakers

Spring Term 2: The Scented Garden

Summer Term 1: Magnificent Monarchs

Summer Term 2: Wriggle and Crawl

In addition, children will have weekly lessons in Music, RE and PSHE and two PE sessions per week, as well as keeping active with the Daily Mile!

Year 2 curriculum leaflet - Wriggle and Crawl




Click below to see the exciting learning we have planned for this half term: