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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 - our final year in primary school, full to the brim with exciting learning opportunities as well as preparation for those important key events including the 11+, SATs and transition for secondary school. 

Mrs Heald is our teacher and our teaching assistants are Mrs Taylor and Mr Irving.

Tomorrow's World is the first of our Autumn Term Projects with a focus on Computing where we will discover more about the world of technology, the people who’ve shaped the modern world, as well as learning about technology and communication - including producing blogs and podcasts. We will also find out about codes and gadgets, all useful for any budding spies and visionaries of the next generation and linked to our class story, Stormbreaker. We will be writing our own thriller narratives in the style of Anthony Horowitz and equip our characters with their own secret gadgets that no respectable agent should be without. Who knows where our ideas might take us! 

Tomorrow's World

In Maths, we are developing our learning through the White Rose Maths schemes using fluency as well as problem solving and reasoning in a variety of contexts, to develop mastery and consolidate our understanding further to greater depth. In the Autumn term we begin with Place Value before moving on to the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - extending our understanding of these further by using formal calculation methods as well as including the use of decimals - before tackling those tricky fractions!

Later in the term we will be learning about life in the trenches as well as spending some time in our Anderson shelter and possibly even digging for victory!

Click below to see the exciting learning we have planned for this half term: