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Huttoft Primary School

Our Staff

Huttoft Primary & Nursery School is proud of the hard work and dedication our family of teachers, support staff, governors and parents who collectively demonstrate an incredible level of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and love for the school and the children we support.

Our Staff

Executive Headteacher

Mr D Davey (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Deputy Headteacher Mrs W Smalley (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & Leader of the Curriculum)
Assistant Headteacher Mrs V Denton (Designated Safeguarding Lead for Nursery)
Assistant Headteacher Mrs L Peet
SENDCO Mr T Morgan
Nursery Teacher Mrs V Denton (Designated Safeguarding Lead for Nursery)
Reception Teacher Mrs L Peet
Year 1 Teacher Miss C Morley
Year 2 Teacher Miss R Sharratt
Year 3 Teacher Miss L Burles
Year 4 Teacher Miss A Rowlatt
Year 5 Teacher Mrs W Smalley
Year 6 Teacher Mr T Morgan 
Teaching Assistant Mrs N Anderson
Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Blanchard
Teaching Assistant - Relief Miss R Cabourn
Teaching Assistant
Miss R Croney
Teaching Assistant Miss C Hancock-Camm
Teaching Assistant 
Mrs C Larthwell
Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Lowe
Teaching Assistant 
Mrs J Malbon
Teaching Assistant
Miss L Rossiter
Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Saywell
Teaching Assistant
Ms N Stapleton
Teaching Assistant - Relief Mrs K Storey
Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Taylor
Teaching Assistant 
Miss C Whitham
Early Years Educator Mrs B Culley
Early Years Educator Mrs B Stassen
Apprentice Nursery Practitioner Miss L Brown
PA/Office Manager Mrs S Stow
Pastoral Support Officer Miss K Warsap
Senior Estates Assistant Mr T Lake
Meal Delivery Driver Mr J Storey


A proud member of Horncastle Educational Trust