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Huttoft Primary School

School Development Plan

Our annual development plan sets out our aspirations for the coming year.  We create these based upon national developments, views from parents/carers, staff and pupils, and link to the priorities of the Trust.


Priorities for 2023-24:

1.  Aiming for Excellence:  Curriculum Development

- Monster Phonics training to enhance delivery

- Embed English curriculum developments, including introduction of Literacy Tree

- Review Marking and Feedback to ensure it is impactful

- Review where Cultural Capital is in place across the curriculum

- Develop specific areas of progression into Reception Class, ensuring provision is continuous and cohesive throughout school

- Monitor and quality assure Quality First teaching across our school

2.  Leading the Learning: Leadership Development

- Access a deep and meaningful programme of CPLD for our staff, securing internal and external expertise

- Ensuring robust quality assurance of English, Monster Phonics and Maths

- Continue a programme supporting subject leaders to deepen ownership of their subjects

- Welcome governors and trustees, who will visit all areas of school to hold leaders to account

3.  Flourish & Succeed:  Pupil Resilience

- Quickly identify any persistent absenteeism, support families with a programme of intervention

- Maintain high standards of behaviour, enhancing learning about Relationships and Behaviour

- Improve pupil wellbeing and mental health through a range of experiences

- Enhance pupils knowledge of equity, equality and diversity through the curriculum, cultural capital and experiences

A proud member of Horncastle Educational Trust